imma bullet list this shit for you because bios are annoying.

-born in 1984 (best year ever, thank you very much. also an epic album by Van Halen) // sun sag, virgo rising, cap moon, life path 5 for all you witchy new age people. i fucking love you.

-jersey girl born and bred. (yep, still in love with bruce springsteen. nope don’t care that he’s nigh onto 70.)

-graduated from indiana university with a degree in ballet performance (hoosier for life…no literally i lived there for 14 years.)

-fun fact: after retiring from dancing (round 1) i went to grad school and became a kindergarten teacher. that lasted one year. MAD PROPS to kindergarten teachers. idk how you do it.

-married this guy. we have two cat children.

-tbh i had some residual body image issues leftover from the ballet years and I got REALLL into exercise. maybe a bit too much. but long story short i got certified in pilates, trx, indoor rowing, and really geeked the fuck out on yoga.

-yoga became a lifestyle for me and i went HAM. taught tons and tons, helped lead some teacher trainings, eventually earned the elusive e-ryt 500 title and subsequently realized what a load of horseshit that was. not the yoga. dear god, not the yoga. the yoga alliance. fuck that noise. visit my friend alexandria crow’s site for more information. she’s a badass leading a revolution in the yoga world demanding higher better standards of teaching. i digress. i taught a lot of yoga and i loved it. s/o to my people at vibe yoga in bloomington, indiana. my second home, forever and always.

-moved to dc with my man. taught at faith hunter’s studio embrace yoga. if you’re ever in dc…strongly recommend that place. faith is an amazing human being and i’m beyond blessed to have worked for her.

-the move to dc was hard on me. i kinda got a bit depressed. i addressed that the only way i knew how... i took a ballet class. first time in 11 years. it was the best day ever. i went back. the teacher, stuart loungway told me i missed my calling as a dancer. it quite literally broke my heart. i decided to just keep showing up because it was the only thing that felt right. a few months into taking class everyday, stuart pulled me aside in class one day and said: “hey, if you get your shit together a little bit more, i’d hire you to dance in my company.” and that's just what i did. we’ve worked together in developing this company in dc since January 2018 and we have had some pretty dope opportunities and projects. check out our website here.

-in July 2018 i took a sabbatical from teaching yoga. i’ve agonized for months over what to do. i have missed helping people. but i have not missed teaching asana class. that’s where this idea came from. i’m in a place in my life where i want to HELP and i have a myriad of tools and resources. so that’s what’s up. that’s where i am right now and i hope our journeys cross paths.