let me be your mirror.

hi 👋🏼. i’m not perfect. i’m figuring my shit out too. anyone who tries to act like they have their shit together is a triflin’ ass bitch and you should run for the hills. the older i get and the deeper i dig into the depths of myself, i realize the best way for any of us to heal our wounds and begin to love ourselves is by DOING IT TOGETHER. it’s a process. fuck, is it a process. and it’s never ending. there’s no quick fix. there’s no 6 week or 12 step program. it’s literally getting down and dirty with yourself in the trenches CONSTANTLY and doing the work over and over again to continue your trajectory in life.

oftentimes we are blind to what our issues truly are. we see the symptoms. we feel the discomfort and maybe even recognize that our efforts to fill our voids range from ineffective to downright harmful. 

the biggest a-ha moments in my life have come as a direct result of years of fucking up time and time again. i appreciate and value this time honored tradition, but after a while always feeling like you’re fucking up gets old and sometimes you just want to catch a break, am i right? what i am here to do is help you figure out what’s going on below the surface and provide you with some resources—a toolkit, if you will—to begin to address your shit.

a friend of mine once said it’s much easier to keep your shit together than get your shit together and that resonated big time. we all lose our shit from time to time, but i promise you it’s not impossible to figure it out and put the pieces back together. i’d love to help be your mirror for shit viewage. 

we all go through things in life that confuse us, lessons that seem to keep repeating themselves and it feels nearly impossible to jump off the crazy train. believe me, I GET IT. and sometimes, no matter how wonderful our friends and fam may be, we just don’t want to or for some reason can’t talk to them about it. it’s unhealthy as fuck to hold that shit in. think of me as your rent-a-bestie. you can tell me anything and everything, and i promise you this: i will always, always be real with you.

today can be the day you start to get real with making the changes you need to heal and grow. it’s gonna be hard. it’s gonna be uncomfortable. but i gotchu. and you know what? you got yourself because you are SO much stronger than you think.

ready to take the leap?


No Strings Attached

1 hour phone consultation with a follow-up email. try it once or repeat as necessary.

Textual Relationship

prefer texting? no problem. i gotchu. click HERE to sign up for a half hour text block.

Let’s Get Serious

bi-weekly 1 hour phone consultation with respective follow up emails for either 6 or 12 weeks.

*pricing structure

it’s very simple, very straightforward, very affordable. i charge a $50 per hour, flat rate. i allot one hour per email. payment plans are available for LGS packages. we can make it work. i want to help you. just reach out. i accept Venmo and PayPal. questions? ready to sign up? shoot me an e-mail.


Venmo: @Ellie-Bernstein


i am not a doctor. i am not a therapist. i do not have a degree or even a certification in counseling. i’m just a girl, standing in front of a computer trying to help people. but for real. it must be stated, for the record, i bear no legal or personal responsibility for any actions taken on behalf of the client based on advice provided by myself or referred resources. if you or anyone you know has suicidal thoughts or tendencies please call 1800-273-TALK.