Ellie’s Top 10 Yoga Class Etiquette Tips

  1. Guys, never tell a woman she has a beautiful/lovely/amazing [insert pose here]. It’s super creepy.
  2. If you’re sweating so hardcore that your sweat actually reaches your neighbor’s mat, please use a towel.
  3. Yes, blocks are your friends but please limit yourself to two unless the instructor tells you otherwise or it’s a restorative class. You don’t need to build a block fort.
  4. Please wear deodorant. Especially in hot yoga. I understand that it has chemicals and whatnot, but for the love of Ganesh, practice at home if you want to marinate in your body odor.
  5. Really try not to, but if you have to leave early or exactly on time, make sure it’s before everyone is settled into savasana, and make the attempt not to jingle your keys, clean your mat, gurgle water, and shuffle out of the studio as loudly as possible. just. wait. til. you’re. out. the. door.
  6. STOP GRUNTING IN NAVASANA. If a pose is so challenging for you that you’re literally making noises, maybe it’s time to check the ego and modify.
  7. Don’t worry. Your pants are see through. Yes you, in the $98 crops. No one actually cares.
  8. That said, blatant underwear is not OK. I’m talking like actual panties (yeah, I said “panties”) or boxers. Not cool.
  9. I’m not against talking before class with your friends. It helps build and foster community, but no one needs to hear about your yeast infection. Keep the volume low for the personal stuff. In fact, I’m gonna go ahead and say you should probably not talk about your genital issues. In public. Ever. You’re welcome.
  10. Sometimes classes get crowded. Move your mat over and don’t be an asshole.