It's Only Yoga.

People take their yoga practice very seriously, which I totally understand! I mean, it can be life-changing!  Really, I get it. I grew up in a very anti-religious home, so yoga was my first introduction to spirituality and feeling connected to something greater than myself. And what can be more powerful than that? So i really do understand our yoga practice’s incredible power and strength in our lives. But sometimes…man oh man. People get stuck in their ways! They won’t move their mat over two inches, they give you dirty looks, they shush you…and this is Ellie the teacher talking! Yes, I was actually told to be quiet in my own class a while back. I was relating a story to a pose and everyone was SO UBER SERIOUS so I was trying to lighten the mood and someone actually, literally told me to stop talking. Ooook people. You know you’ve taken your yoga practice WAYYY to seriously when you shush the instructor. If you don’t like my goofy personality, then you won’t like my class. And if you don’t like my class, you don’t have to come! There are a ga-gillion yoga instructors out there, find one you better connect with. If it’s me, that’s great! If it’s not me, that’s ok too–I promise I won’t be offended. Ok, getting back to the topic. Yoga. It can be so deep and so powerful. There are serious practices…sometimes it just happens. It’s the energy in the room. It sort of takes a left turn into Serious-ville, and that is cool! Every now and then you’ll catch a practice like that from me. Most of the time, I keep it uplifting and lighthearted. I want you to SMILE. I sometimes cue people to spin their back heel down, reach through their finger tips, open through the collar bones, and turn the corners of their lips up…I get so many confusing looks and it’s like…dude…just smile. Be happy. No need to be so serious, it’s only yoga after all. Enjoy the movement, the music, and the connection to your community. This week in my classes we are talking about connection. I’d love to see some of you…even the shusher. You know who you are, and I still love you.