Day 4. Ubhaya Padagusthasana.

This pose reminds me of pilates teaser. Fun fact! I’m also a certified pilates instructor :) There are so many similar looking poses in yoga and pilates, but the execution and breath of each is almost always opposite. It’s funny, even though they are so similar yet so different, pilates and yoga complement each other SO well. I truly see the value in both. I began my teaching career with pilates and will always have such respect for just how insanely strong it can make your core (if you do it right…..), but my passion has really turned to yoga, in both teaching and practice. I still try to hit at least one pilates mat class a week, and I can totally tell when I fall off the wagon with that commitment. Are you looking for a stronger core, especially in inversions? Seriously, find a good pilates instructor. My inversions became so much stronger when I recommitted to hitting the pilates mat weekly.