Day 2. Chaturanga

Chaturanga Dandasana. One of the most repeated questions I get about chata is “Why do my wrists hurt so badly?” I’m with you. My right wrist is shit. I have a ganglion cyst and too much pressure for too long can be incredibly painful. One tiny tweak in the way I do chaturanga has totally alleviated my wrist issues. Instead of the shift forward that is almost always cued in a traditional vinyasa class, I take a more ashtanga style approach by simply lowering straight down from high plank…no shift forward. I roll forward and through for upward facing dog to get myself into a good alignment for that pose, but my chaturanga is just a lower. No shift.  Life changing. Try it! Just because a teacher cues something, doesn’t mean it’s right for your body! Play with the pose and trust that your body knows best!