new year's intentions.

this afternoon in a yoga class i was practicing in, the instructor talked about moving into the new year with intention. rather than trying to fix a perceived flaw, what do we want to invite in? (you’re so wise, instead of dwelling on the negative, picking ourselves apart, and ultimately being angry, frustrated and defeated why don’t we shift our thinking and ask ourselves, what positive things do i want to add into my daily life? an intention is not a resolution. an intention invites you to try. it invites you to show up where you are, to fuck up, to be ok with fucking up, and to try again. a resolution is force. anytime we force our bodies or minds into something, it never works out the way we want it to, does’t it? what are your intentions this new year? what would you like to welcome into your life? i always have great ideas in january and then sometime in february completely forget, so i am going to write mine down this year and share them with you all. 

  1. i’d like to read more. specifically, i’d like to learn more about the subtle human energetic system as well as the religious texts of yoga beyond the sutras and bhagavad gita.
  2. i would like to be less rigid with my schedule. i’m a big schedule person. i’m early for everything, never miss an appointment and get all bent out of shape when shit happens and plans need to change. as such, i’d like to work on being more flexible.
  3. i would like to cook more and expand my culinary range from protein oatmeal and chili. perhaps i will even purchase more than one pot in order to get this ball rolling. 
  4. i hope to connect more with old friends this year. 

so that’s my hope for 2015. if you see me with a tupperware container of roasted root vegetables in one hand and the upanishads in the other, please give me a high five. share your intentions with the world and get them out there! be proud of your daily efforts and don’t beat yourself up for not being perfect. no one is perfect. perfect doesn’t exist and if it did, it would be incredibly boring. be the best YOU in the new year! namaste!