25 Things About Me

All this blogging and blogging, but do you even know me, bro? :)

  1. my friends and acquaintances gently tease me about being a “crazy cat lady”, and they’re kind of right. i share a really deep connection with my two cats that i just can’t explain. they’re my best friends and i don’t give a fuck if you think that’s weird.
  2. i like to curse. a lot. i don’t know why, i just think it suits me. my parents both have very colorful language and threw around the F word from the time i was an infant. i’ve always thought it was funny and i think it’s even funnier when people get uncomfortable around you because you said the word shit or fuck. they are words. i mean, really.
  3. i secretly love awkward situations. where everyone is looking around and nervous and weird. it makes me giggle so hard.
  4. in 5th grade i broke my right arm so badly that i was in a cast for almost the entire academic year. i learned how to write with my left hand and to this day i still do certain things left-handed.
  5. when i transferred from public to private school in third grade, my desk was almost immediately moved from a little cluster of my classmates to being the single, lone desk in the middle of the room. it was mortifying as a 7 year old, and the teacher was a fucking bitch for doing that, but it was then, in 1992, that i realized i was different and i didn’t want any bitch ass teacher to change me. SO WHAT, I LIKE TO TALK. for fuck’s sake. later that year, that teacher died of a brain aneurism. it was a truly weird year.
  6. when i was a kid i always preferred to hang out with adults. i was that child at holiday parties avoiding the “kids room” and lingering around the adults to listen to their conversation. they were just so much more interesting than the slobby little fuckers fighting over the TV remotes. to this day i still prefer to hang out with people who are older than myself. 
  7. i really like to make people feel good about themselves. my greatest joy as a yoga instructor is to watch that moment where someone has a breakthrough. whether it’s the first time they touch their toes, stand on their head, or cry through pigeon, it’s a truly beautiful thing to see and i’m deeply honored to be a part of it. on some level i always knew i would help people, but no career ever seemed right until i taught my first yoga class.
  8. i had the greatest college experience of all time. i think i graduated with barely a 3.0 and was nearly 20 pounds heavier than i am right now, but i had a damn good time and made friends with people who helped me to grow more than i could have ever imagined in 4 years.
  9. i had a near death experience when i was 20. i won’t get into the details, but it changed my outlook on everything. there is nothing to fear after this life is over, our journey is endless and beautiful so it’s important to make the most out of everything we are right now, find what makes us happy and do that shit day in and day out.
  10. life is better without drugs and alcohol. i do occasionally have a glass or two of wine from time to time, but in general, sobriety is a fantastic thing.
  11. when i was a kid i used to lie a lot. like a lot, a lot. i’m not sure why but i lied about everything. eventually i got so sick of being caught in my lies and was so stressed out trying to remember them that i just made a decision to stop lying. i swear to God i never lie about anything anymore. it’s become part of who i am, for better or worse, if you want the truth just ask me.
  12. i hate capital letters but i respect the G in God. if i could ban capital letters i would.
  13. i’ve never understood food trends. how can a food be trendy? either you like something or you don’t. what the fuck. 
  14. music is a huge part of who i am. i listen to it constantly and it’s a part of my job that i greatly enjoy. music, unlike any other medium, can bring you right back to a time, a place, and a feeling. i think music is kind of like magic in that regard.
  15. my parents were big on travel. i traveled all over the country and europe as a kid. i was really lucky to see and experience other cultures. i’m secretly an introverted hermit who loves to nest at home so i don’t travel as much as i’d like to. it’s always on the to-do list. i need to up my travel game!
  16. i love to wake up early and am ridiculously productive in the morning which is hilarious because i remember at least an entire semester of college where i didn’t get out of bed until roughly 3 or 4pm. some days it was a struggle to get to my 6pm class on THE BEATLES. did i mention i had the greatest college experience ever?
  17. i started dancing semi-professionally in my early teens. juggling the intensity of a rigorous private school and basically a full time job’s worth of ballet, whether it was classes, rehearsals or performances was insane when i look back on it but it taught me a fuckton about discipline, time management, and how to get shit done. only a kid can have energy like that—wake up at 6am, go to school all day (and, like, INTENSE school where there were approximately 3 people in my Latin class, or 6 in my English class—there was no such thing as not doing your homework or participating in class), toss back some red bull, go to ballet until 9, drive the 45 minutes back home, eat dinner around 10pm, do homework, study, shower, go to bed around midnight or 1, and repeat the next day. oh yeah, and saturdays included a 4 hour ballet class in the morning, sometimes evening performances and sundays were for rehearsals and performances. i’m tired just typing that.
  18. i suck so hard at baking that i can’t even bake pre-sliced ready made cookie dough balls properly. i’m ok at cooking, but baking. wow. epic failure.
  19. i’m constantly shocked and saddened by how stupid people are. or rather, how little common sense they have. i just don’t understand.
  20. i felt very connected to my maternal grandmother. i feel like we were homies. i grew up across the street from her so she was almost like a second mom. i was really lucky to have that experience, especially because she was so sweet and so cool. i have the best memories of us watching miss america and making fun of all the outfits and how dumb the girls’ answers usually were. she would let me stay up late and watch the golden girls AND empty nest with her. she made homemade syrup and pancakes in the morning for me whenever i would sleepover her house, which was often. she was a really cool chick and i lost her this past june. she lived to be 95 and was the happiest, sweetest soul i have ever met to this day. i try to be like her everyday.
  21. i grew up in suburban new jersey, right outside NYC, and somehow ended up living in southern indiana. i couldn’t be happier. growing up i’d have never imagined myself living in the country, but now i can’t imagine living anywhere else. life is slower, people are kinder, and there’s just more of a sense of community and connectedness. i am a changed woman, a midwesterner through and through.
  22. i’ve never been able to pick a favorite color. i can tell you it’s not brown, red, or orange, but that’s all i know.
  23. i grew up as an only child, but sometime around age 16 i found out that i had a half brother. my dad and his high school girlfriend had a baby boy their senior year that they put up for adoption. last may, at age 29, i met my half brother for the first time and it was surreal. we look alike! we have so much in common! he was so cool and it was the most awesome thing ever to gain a sibling at nearly 30.
  24. i love guns, i’m a gun owner, and a member of the NRA. if you’ve never fired a gun, don’t judge, because you’ll never understand. and yes, i’m still a yoga teacher. 
  25. my husband is the smartest, funniest, kindest human being i’ve ever met in my life and it’s a privilege to be married to him. he will hate me for writing that, and that makes me love him even more.